• W, A, S, D - Move;
  • F - Interact with objects;

How to play:

  • Play as a college student, trying to survive for the last week of quarantine without losing his mind.  The main elements of the game are: Stamina, Stress and Time. You have to manage them, to win the game and get best score posible!
  • Complete mandatory tasks that consumes stamina and add more stress, but gives you workcoins, that can be traded into playcoins, which you can use to do fun tasks;
  • Time passes 6x faster while doing tasks;
  • You lose stamina and gain stress over time;
  • You gain movespeed when the stress bar go higher;
  • If your stamina bar goes to 0, you will go to bed and sleep, if your stress bar goes to 100, you lose the game;
  • Play time should be close to 30min.

Keep your sanity alive for this last week, you got this!!!

Made by:

André Luna - Game Designer -

Fábio Aroucha - 2d artist -

Fernanda Poletine - Sound Designer -

George Henrique - 2d artist/Game Designer -

Leniton  Carneiro - Programmer -


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Passaria o dia todo apertando o F sem parar. KKKKKK