A downloadable game for Windows

How to play:

-Move: Arrow keys

-Jump: Space bar

-Pick ammo: C

-Throw orange: Z

-Throw paper: X

-Win condition: Get a score of $89000 before the time ends.

Good luck! :)


A game made by:

André Luna - Game Designer - https://aggl.itch.io/

George Muniz - Programmer - https://kalasmus.itch.io/

Rodrigo Lemos - Programmer - https://itch.io/profile/rodrigo2alemos

Milena Ferreira - Pixel Artist - https://milena-ferreira.itch.io/

Eduarda Paixão - Pixel Artist/UI - https://itch.io/profile/riapaixao

Fernanda Poletine - Sound Designer/UI - https://thelegendofnanda.itch.io/


Pocket Verse 23 MB

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