Hi! This is a battle royale prototype that i made on construct 2 for studies, i will update some stuff in the future :) (i don`t know).


  • WASD: Move your slime;
  • Left Mouse Button: Fire spell, 1s cd;
  • Right Mouse Button:  Ice spell, 3s cd;
  • R: Shock spell, 6s cd;
  • Left Shift: Earth spell, 9s cd;
  • Space Bar: Wind spell, 12s cd;
  • 1: Use small health potion;
  • 2: Use medium health potion;
  • 3: Add a random skill level point;
  • O: Menu;
  • F: Open lootbox.

Next updates:

  • UI: Time, Kills, Players alive;
  • Sound effects: All spells and items;
  • Splash arts: Win and lose.

Game Designer: André Luna - https://pzz247.itch.io/

2D Artist: https://mfsjunior_3d.artstation.com/

Sound Designer: Nara Araujo - https://soundcloud.com/user-353185274

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